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Restorative Dentistry

Restore Your Smile

We understand how important your smile is to you. Damaged teeth can result in damaged self-esteem and confidence. Your beautiful smile reflects who you are and leaves a lasting impression on others. With help from Dr. Lovan and staff, you can bring back your smile and your confidence! With professional treatments and techniques, we’ll correct common dental problems such as crooked or damaged teeth, alleviating your mouth pain and restoring your smile. Our work is done right here in our neighborhood office. With our friendly, familiar staff, you’ll feel right at home and our pain-free procedures will put you at ease.


Damaged, discolored, or oddly spaced teeth can affect your self-image as well as your mouth’s functionality. Dental crowns can correct many tooth issues, salvaging your smile and oral health. Durable and natural looking, our porcelain crowns make you feel like royalty! Same-day crowns available!


Missing teeth create jaw and bite problems and can leave you feeling unattractive. Dental implants serve as “imitation teeth”, appearing and functioning just like your normal ones. The result? You’ll have a strong, healthy bite and naturally beautiful smile!


Low self-esteem is only one result of large gaps from missing teeth. Serious problems, from infection to gum loss and more, threaten your health. Dental Bridges (fixed or, preferably, supported) literally bridge the gaps, correcting bite issues and restoring your confidence.



A beautiful smile is like a proper hand-shake; it leaves a lasting impression on others. Convey confidence, kindness, joy, and even intelligence with the restoration of your own sparkling grin!

Improved Speech

Your ability to speak clearly can have a powerful impact on others’ perception of you. Restorative dentistry can change your world, giving you the capacity to once again speak clearly.



Your mouth is sensitive to any abnormalities or misalignments. Taking advantage of today’s effective dental solutions replaces irritations with relief and allows your mouth to feel comfortable and normal again.

Easier Eating

Strong, healthy, pain-free, properly aligned teeth make eating a pleasure. Resolving dental issues restores your ability to appreciate of one of life’s simplest luxuries – the joy of a good meal!

Improved Oral Health

The benefits of proper dental care go well beyond a beautiful smile! Corrective dental measures can re-balance the health of your mouth, extending to the well-being of your whole body.


Mom said it best; “You have one set of teeth – take care of them!” With modern techniques and technology, enjoy a strong, healthy bite and beautiful smile for years to come!

Confidence in
Dental Health

Combine the effectiveness of modern techniques with our skilled, dependable, down-to-earth staff and hometown feel for a great dental experience!

Dental Care

The advantages of modern technology apply to your mouth, too. Take care of your teeth now and they’ll take care of you later!

Friendly Atmosphere & Technicians

Good neighbors are aplenty at our office. Like a front porch chat, you’ll feel right at home with our staff.

Payment Options

With multiple options available, we’ll find a way to help you pay; no worries!

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